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solo para frikis: el futuro del universo dc

algunas declaraciones de grant morrison en el 2003, que nos explican en qué va a terminar la gran crisis final:

My plan is to turn the DC Universe into a sentient being.[...]

I think of the DC Universe as fulfilling many of the requirements of a living thing. It grows, it changes over time, it reacts to its environment. In fact, considering that the creations in the DC Universe have outlived many of their creators, you could say that the DC Universe is more alive than we are, something that will continue to exist long after you and I are dead. [...]

grant morrison, guru friki (fuente: ninth art)

What I plan to do is, much in the same way a crucial lightning bolt hit the primordial soup and started the chain reaction which created life as we know it, write a comic series that will bring the DC Universe to consciousness. To wake up an entity that is largely dormant. My belief is that this is very similar to the way our universe was created. We existed largely as a fiction that became sufficiently complex, and then a final story gave us our independence and brought us to consciousness.
(grant morrison es el responsable de escribir la crisis final)

ajá, ahora todo tiene sentido


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